Carolina PortilloCarolina Portillo

Carolina Portillo

María Carolina Portillo sees every moment in life as an opportunity to learn and grow, something that has motivated her throughout her professional career.

María Carolina has extensive experience in human resources and coaching. Throughout her professional journey, she has had the opportunity to lead and accompany many organizations and individuals through growth and expansion processes, both nationally and internationally. Her main objective is to be a positive voice for those brave enough to want to change themselves or their environments. Her life is full of beautiful moments spending time with her family, dancing, and listening to good music.

It is possible to change and see effective results, while having fun- That is what María Carolina believes and what she promotes every day.
María Carolina is in charge of coordinating the Premio Experiences department, as well as facilitating Team Building activities.
Esteban CarvajalEsteban Carvajal

Esteban Carvajal

Raised by toy makers, Esteban Carvajal has dedicated his life to creativity, design, and music.

Carva, as his friends call him, has 40 years of experience playing, creating games, and exploring new ways to have fun. He also has 22 years working in graphic design, user and consumer experience design, music composition, and event planning. He spends his free time on photography, jewelry design, and travelling the world as a folklorist. Together, his work and life experience has given him a great sensitivity and understanding of people's behaviors and needs.

Esteban is a creator, a gamer, a problem solver, and a creative machine.
He is responsible for designing the activities, games, and experiences for Go! Team and Quick Fire, in addition to being part of the implementation staff for Team Building activities.

Whatsapp: +506 8473 8190
Telephone: +506 4032 9191
Toll-free from US & Canada: 866 739 3913
Address: San José, Costa Rica


Whatsapp:   +506 8473 8190
Telephones: +506 4032 9191
Toll-free from US & Canada: 866 739 3913
Address: Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá


Monday through Friday: 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.